Crafting Sustainable Green Havens: Garden Installations & Landscaping in Vancouver

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At EcoBridge, we offer full-service landscaping in Vancouver. As part of our ethos to build deeper, healthier connections to nature, our approach goes beyond aesthetics. We’re challenging the status quo by using techniques and tools to create low-maintenance landscapes that have an incredible impact on local communities and harmonize with surrounding ecosystems.


We knew the status quo approach to landscaping was never for us. Our roots in organic agriculture and agroforestry meant we were drawn to the transformative power of nature, harnessing components like composted organic soil and mulch to cultivate sustainable green havens composed of hedges, trees, perennials, decorative grasses, sod, and ground cover. We carefully consider how to pull together hardscape and softscape components to create landscapes that enhance curb appeal and provide a natural refuge where families can relax, decompress, and escape the stresses of everyday life.




Our approach to landscape design often begins with hedges, which delineate space and add a touch of privacy. As Vancouver landscapers, we opt for native species, like yew and laurel, for stunning, low-maintenance landscapes.




Trees act as the anchors of landscape design. Incorporating suitable species contributes to a soothing, tranquil ambiance. Trees also create a healthier ecosystem for us all. They provide shade, reducing urban heat islands, food, and shelter for local birds and other species.




Perennials play a significant role in sustainable landscaping. As plants that return year after year, these hardy species reduce the expense of constant replanting. Many native perennials are also water-smart, thriving in Vancouver’s natural environment and soils with minimal watering needs. Learn more about our top native plant picks.


Decorative Grasses


We use ornamental grasses to bring texture and visual interest to your landscape. We offer a stunning drought-tolerant selection to highlight details, adding a touch of wilderness for more balanced, integrated urban landscapes.


Sod and Ground Cover


Lush sod and native ground covers are transformative, acting as a soothing carpet that not only pleases the eye but also promotes soil retention and prevents run-off. Learn more about our approach to sod installations and ground cover.


Composted Organic Soil and Mulch


By exclusively opting for high-quality composted organic soil and mulch, EcoBridge Founder, David Aguilar, creates nutrient-rich foundations for lush landscapes supported by a thriving ecosystem of microorganisms that contribute to soil health. Simply covering topsoil with a 3-inch layer of organic composted mulch provides a protective shield against weeds and ensures optimal moisture retention, an essential consideration in Vancouver’s ever-changing climate. Learn more about the benefits of mulching.


Contact EcoBridge for Landscaping in Vancouver


For landscaping in Vancouver, we at EcoBridge work to create sustainable landscapes. We build around a philosophy of using native plants, composted mulch, and organic soil for environmentally friendly landscapes that use our resources efficiently. Combined with a customer-friendly approach that combines persistent care and attention to detail, we offer budget-friendly landscaping solutions that meet your specific requirements and resonate with the spirit of our city. 


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