Schedule Spring Garden Cleanups with the Vancouver Landscapers at EcoBridge

Schedule Spring Garden Cleanups with the Vancouver Landscapers at EcoBridge

When it comes to spring garden cleanups, the Vancouver Landscapers at EcoBridge are changing the status quo with affordable, high-quality landscaping services that support healthier Vancouver communities and ecosystems.


A thorough spring cleanup sets the stage for a healthy year of growth. Besides enhancing the visual appeal and aesthetics of your garden, the proper techniques and timing can support the health and ecosystem of your garden. Named one of the best landscapers in Vancouver of 2024, at EcoBridge, we help homeowners start the year right as a full-service team that offers everything you need to create a healthy, thriving space that acts as a beautiful outdoor extension of your home:


  • Sod Installation
  • Landscape Design
  • Paver and Patio Installation
  • Full Garden Cleanups
  • Permeable Grouting
  • Retaining Walls and Fencing
  • Hedge Trimming/Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Planting Services for Trees, Hedges, Shrubs & Flowers


For spring, we recommend investing in a few specific services to jumpstart a healthy, thriving green sanctuary that will soothe, calm, and reconnect you to nature. If you’re not sure what your garden needs, we invite you to give us a call at 778.222.1701.


General Cleanup/Leaf Removal 


The accumulation of leaf mould and debris over the winter can prevent oxygen flow, smothering delicate new growth. A professional general cleanup will ensure your soil is clean and clear for healthy growth. 


Core Aeration


Aeration allows oxygen to reach the roots of your lawn, which once more leads to the better absorption of water and nutrients for healthier lawns that add to the long-term beauty of your landscape.


Spring Fertilizer


Lawns may look sparse or patchy after a rough winter. For lawns that need a health boost, our soil specialist and Co-founder David Aguilar opts for non-toxic fertilizers with a slow-release formula that restores nutrients and vitality. The result is a beautiful, lush yard environment that’s better for you and the community, too. 


Sod Installation


For yards where lawns need replacing—or for new builds—we offer sod installation. Our Vancouver Landscapers will till and grade the surface before adding rich topsoil to promote rich, healthy growth. Additionally, we source our sod from reputable local growers, opting for resilient varieties that are more tolerant of Vancouver’s hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.


Book a Consultation with the Vancouver Landscapers at EcoBridge


As a team of Vancouver Landscapers, we’re slowly transforming how our society thinks about landscaping. We’re passionate about outdoor spaces, both in terms of what they mean to our health and wellness and the environment and future. As the sanctuaries we create around our homes, EcoBridge puts extra effort into creating the right designs, using durable materials, and working to a higher level of quality.


From simple maintenance to landscape design in Vancouver—and everything in between—we invite you to reach out for an estimate and see why The Best Vancouver has named EcoBridge among The 12 Best Landscapers in Vancouver for the second year. 


Let’s discuss which services will help you breathe life back into your garden. Call 778.222.1701 to set up a free site estimate. 

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