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As a Vancouver landscape company, the team at EcoBridge Landscape shares the pros and cons of professional sod installation.


Do you want a Vancouver landscape company that considers lifestyle and budget, improves your landscape and considers the impact every building decision has on the planet? At EcoBridge, we offer full landscaping design, along with the services like mulching, construction, and sod installation in Vancouver.


As spring approaches, a lot of homeowners may notice the lawn looking a little lackluster. Most people don’t realize that lawns have a natural lifespan, roughly 15-20 years. Moreover, variables like species and weather can impact the health and beauty of your lawn. If your lawn is overrun with moss, crabgrass, or full of bare sports. If seeding and fertilization hasn’t yielded results, it may be time to consider new sod installation.

Why Consider Sod Installation?

Sod is composed of a mature grass plant cut into sections and bound together by the strength of its own root system, or occasionally another biodegradable material. For people who want the satisfaction of an instantly lush green landscape, sod is the go-to choice. We also use it when collaborating with architects and builders who want to provide clients with a polished final product in a time-sensitive way.

Sod installation require careful preparation, including removal of the old lawn. Our team will then till and grade the surface, before adding a rich topsoil and non-toxic fertilizer to promote rich, healthy growth. Additionally, we source our sod from reputable growers, opting for resilient varieties more tolerant of Vancouver’s hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.

The Case for Sod:

DIY Sod projects can be laborious. Sod is heavy and messy, with fragile root systems. As a professional Vancouver landscape company, the team at EcoBridge streamlines the process, bringing unwavering professionalism and expertise to every project. Read more about the pros and cons of sod installation below.

Sod: The Good

Instant Results

In just a few hours, sod installation can transform green spaces

Fast Establishment

Depending on the season, roots of newly laid sod can establish itself in as little as two weeks

Eliminates weeds

Healthy sod outcompetes weeds

Can be used quickly following installation

Once established, sod is resilient and beautiful with minimal maintenance

Holds soil in place

Quick root establishment works to hold soil in place on all types of terrain

Sod: The Bad

High initial costs

Mature sod can be costly and should be installed by professionals

Short transport window

Once purchased, sod should be laid within 24 hours of being cut

The Case for Seed:

As the traditional option for growing a lawn, the trade-off for seeding is lower initial costs, with higher maintenance and care requirements. In Vancouver, climate and water restrictions also pose a challenge.

Seed: The Good

Low Initial Cost

Cost of seed is more affordable expensive than sod

Low Labour Cost

The process of planting grass is simple

More Grass Choices

Sod is grown in a few popular varieties; seeds allows for more unique and specialized choices

Seed: The Bad

Small Growing Window

Seeds need to be sown in conditions conducive to growth

Slow Establishment

Germination can be time-consuming, usually requiring 10 to 12 weeks before it can tolerate light foot traffic

Competitive Weeds

Immature grass seedlings have a hard time competing against fast-growing weeds

Greater Maintenance

Seeding requires extra attention, especially during the early stages of growth

When to Schedule Sod Installation in Vancouver

As a Vancouver landscape company, we schedule sod installations year-round. However, planting in late winter or early spring means taking advantage of natural seasonal rainfall, which helps roots to establish while minimizing watering requirements.

Caring for Sod Post Installation

Water is crucial for lawn health. After the installation, a good soak helps newly laid roots to spread and establish. To check if water requirements are adequately met, raise a corner of the sod. If the soil below is wet, that’s enough.

Advised Watering Schedule& Maintenance for Sod Installation

2-3 Weeks


  • Hot and sunny days: Water 2 times a day for 20 minutes each time to keep the sod moist. (Early morning and evenings)
  • Cloudy, cool days: Water once a day for 20 minutes.
  • Rainy days: No need to water.


After 3 weeks, the irrigation frequency should be reduced to three times a week for 20 to 25 minutes each time. We recommend a sprinkler to ensure an even distribution of water.


3-4 Weeks


At this point, it’s safe time to mow. If you are feeling a little tentative, gently tug on a corner of the sod. If it doesn’t budge- the lawn has started to develop a healthy root system. With a sharp blade, 2-3 inches is the golden length for a healthy lawn, but if you prefer shorter it’s best to be done slowly over time. Regular cutting helps promote lush and dense growth, so cut regularly for a healthy dense lawn.


4-8 Weeks


The final step is fertilization.  We advise using a slow-release fertilizer can be reapplied seasonally to boost health.

Schedule Sod Installations in Vancouver

At EcoBridge Landscape, we believe the green spaces around our residences and neighbourhood directly influence our quality of life. That’s why we’re passionate about providing sustainable, budget-friendly landscaping services. We stay focused throughout the project, offering timely, creative solutions that deliver long-term to be enjoyed for years by family and friends


Reach out to learn more about transforming your property with professional sod installation in Vancouver. We’ll be happy to come by and provide a project estimate.


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