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Through landscaping in Vancouver, our team creates timeless outdoor spaces that deepen your connection to nature.


As a team offering full landscaping services, including landscape design in Vancouver, EcoBridge is transforming how homeowners perceive and use outdoor spaces. Owning a home in the city provides an opportunity to create a captivating outdoor space–one that reflects the city’s breathtaking natural landscape. At EcoBridge, we offer complete landscaping and construction services, combining elements like walkways and retaining walls with planting, sod, and maintenance services for lush landscapes where families and friends can relax, unwind, and rekindle a relationship with nature.


At Ecobridge Landscape in Vancouver, nature has always been a source of imagination and inspiration. When clients request ideas for landscape design, we assess each project, considering the unique ecology of the space to come up with solutions that efficiently meet individual goals and work in harmony with the land.


Whether installing retaining walls, paving walkways, or planting flower beds, we opt for sustainable approaches, using green methods and products wherever possible as part of our commitment to overcome a cradle-to-grave mindset. Through a systematic approach to green landscaping, we create stunning results that positively impact families, communities, and our environment. Here are just a few services we provide as a full-service team for landscaping in Vancouver.


Small Retaining Walls


Vancouver’s topography can be challenging. Areas like Capitol Hill in Burnaby often require retaining walls for practical and aesthetic purposes. To help level uneven terrain and prevent soil erosion, our team can install retaining walls, using materials like concrete stack blocks or stone to boost visual interest while creating a landscape feature that enhances the natural beauty of a property.


Planting and Bedding Services


Ecobridge Landscape in Vancouver offers bedding and plant installations as part of garden installations, choosing indigenous plants and species that thrive in your property’s unique conditions. For example, highly shaded properties require careful selection of plant species that thrive in low light. Shade-tolerant species like hosta, fern, and Japanese maples thrive on shaded properties, bringing a serene beauty that can be enjoyed year-round.


Sod Installation


Achieving a vibrant, healthy lawn can be challenging, especially with Vancouver’s more variable climates. To meet these challenges, we opt for mixed varieties of grass. When it comes to shaded areas, for example, we opt for fescue and fescue blends that offer beauty and resilience in low-light conditions. Regular lawn maintenance, including watering and aeration, will keep a shaded lawn looking its best. Reach out to schedule sod installation in Vancouver now.


River Rock Gardens


For texture, contrast, and low-maintenance beauty, the River Rock Garden is an increasingly popular alternative for Vancouver businesses and homeowners. River rock gardens offer ground cover, controlling weeds with strategically placed rocks for an appealing, low-maintenance landscape. Enjoy a soothing, zen-inspired natural sanctuary that complements the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Book a Consultation for Landscaping Vancouver


At EcoBridge Landscape in Vancouver, we transform residential and commercial properties through A-Z landscaping in Vancouver. We consider your budget and goals, finding ways to individualize properties with results that last and minimizes environmental impact.


We work with home contractors, property owners, and landscape architects. Let’s discuss how to elevate the beauty and tranquillity of your property and create a space you’ll love by spring. Schedule a free onsite consultation in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, or New Westminster at 778.222.1701.

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