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Create your urban oasis.

Since establishing, we’ve offered landscaping services that boost the aesthetic and function of outdoor spaces. We create healthier green spaces through sustainable practices like building with permeable pavers and grouting systems and applying organic soil and mulch to create outdoor spaces that are environmentally sound and full of life.

Landscape Design & Installation


Our Commitment

From landscape design and craftsman installation to maintenance services, at EcoBridge Landscape, we offer quality, value-driven work for vibrant, healthy landscapes designed to endure for years. Since our founding, we have relied on methods and techniques that contribute to the long-term health of our urban green spaces. From organic soil and mulch to the native plant species we favour, we believe working in harmony with the natural landscape is the best way to create beauty that will thrive.
As a team passionate about sustainability, soil health, and landscaping, our approach is transformative, designed to deepen our connection to nature. All our projects are created with our families and future in mind, always with one eye on your goals and budget. We stay current on all regulations, acquiring permits and clearance as necessary to ensure all work complies with local bylaws. As we continue to move forward, we are excited to create people-centric outdoor spaces. We believe vibrant green spaces contribute toward our overall wellness because nature is where we gain inspiration and draw our energy.
Let’s talk about building a green space your whole family will love. Connect with us at 778.222.1701 or use our convenient contact form below.