Landscaping in Vancouver: Greening Up With Native Ground Covers

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As a team that offers landscaping in Vancouver and surrounding areas, our team is often called on to create stunning, low-maintenance landscapes for busy homeowners who want to enjoy stunning green spaces that don’t require a significant investment of time or finances. As a sustainably oriented team of landscapers in Vancouver, many of our designs incorporate luxurious ground cover plants, which can be a fantastic alternative to grass. Ground cover plants not only enhance aesthetic appeal they offer several practical benefits, including erosion control, weed suppression, and moisture retention. Read on to learn more about the native species that thrive in Vancouver’s unique climate that can transform any garden into a green paradise.


Isotoma’ White Star’ 

Early Snow Glories (Chionodoxa) are a delightful addition to any local garden. These low-lying plants burst into bloom in early spring. The star-shaped blue and white flowers create a carpet of colour after the long winter. Early Snow Glories are perennials, meaning they come back year after year. They are one of our go-to recommendations for Vancouver landscape design, especially when creating pathways with handsome stepping stones and pavers edged with greenery.


Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme (Thymus praecox) is an excellent ground cover plant for Vancouver homeowners. Features include low-growing, fragrant foliage that adds bursts of pink, purple, or white to the garden in the summer. Creeping Thyme is also water-smart, so it’s a beautiful choice for gardeners who want to reduce water consumption. Creeping thyme will flourish in full sun and partial shade.


Native Sword Ferns

Vancouver’s lush forests are filled with native plants like Sword Ferns (Polystichum munitum), making a seamless transition in your back or front yard. As Vancouver landscapers, we leverage the latest trends, technology, and processes to create stunning residential landscapes. For homeowners who love a touch of wilderness and need ideas for a shady area, these luxurious fronds invoke the verdant greenery of BC’s coastal forests. 



Low-growing, ever-green heather (Calluna vulgaris) presents bright blooms. We love it for two reasons–it’s the name of our co-founder, and these hardy plants thrive in acidic soil, adding colour, texture, and greenery to the landscape year-round. Perfect for rocky and sandy soil, they’re compact growers and attract pollinators year-round. Use heather as a beautiful addition to rock gardens and for edging and borders.


Mossy Ground Covers

With the city’s abundant rainfall, mosses make a charming, low-maintenance choice for ground cover. Adding moss invokes a serene, woodland feel. Moss also captures stormwater run-off effectively, making it an ideal choice for rain gardens. Adding moss can help prevent erosion–it’s a low-maintenance, eco-friendly plant with air-purifying properties that thrive in shady areas.

Transformative Landscape Design in Vancouver

At EcoBridge, we use landscape design to deepen your connection to nature. Groundcover plants add life to landscapes, creating variations in texture and height for soothing outdoor sanctuaries where we can refresh ourselves and reconnect with loved ones. If you’re revitalizing an outdoor space, we’d love to show you how we bring landscape design to life with all-in-one design and installation services built around attention to detail and fair value. 

Learn more about full-scope landscaping design in Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, and Vancouver West. Reach out for a complimentary estimate at 778.222.1701 or fill out our convenient contact form below. We’ll be in touch shortly. 

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