Spring into Landscape Construction in Vancouver

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Did you know fall and winter are the perfect time for landscape construction in Vancouver? Backyard green spaces are an outstanding solution to deepening your connections with nature and family. As landscape designers in Vancouver, winter is when we start many projects involving hardscape construction, such as retaining walls, walkways, borders, driveways, and patios.


As a new generation of Vancouver landscapers, we work with clients one-on-one to create stunning residential landscapes that account for factors like space, layout, and the unique ecology of your property. We are sustainability-oriented and offer value through the careful management of resources. As a collaborative team, we keep you informed and work to protect your interests. We’ve included a list of questions to consider to ensure your landscape transformation aligns with your vision and budget.


What’s the vision for the space? 

We believe outdoor spaces have a direct influence on how we live. Consider the atmosphere you want to curate. Is it a cozy retreat, an entertainment hub, or a low-maintenance haven? Is there a focal point, such as a view of the mountains or ocean? Our management team can brainstorm and collaborate about the best options to meet your vision for a green space that flows seamlessly with your property.


What’s Your Budget?

Establishing a realistic budget is an integral part of landscaping. There are a range of budgets for hardscape construction: materials, delivery, labour, and removal are just a few considerations. As experienced and award-winning Vancouver landscapers, we think outside the box. We can recommend cost-effective yet durable materials to achieve results that meet your budget, aesthetics, and lifestyle. 


Starting Landscape Construction

Winter is a great time to involve landscapers in the planning process. Starting early means ample time to discuss timelines, materials, and scheduling considerations while allowing for necessary design adjustments before landscape construction begins.


Bringing the Blueprint to Life

Delaying landscape construction till spring can lead to delays and scheduling conflicts. Starting in fall fosters a smooth transition from the planning to the execution stage, meaning most projects can be underway or even completed before the busy spring construction season arrives.


If it’s time to discuss landscape installation or transformation, a team member at EcoBridge is ready to talk. As award-winning Vancouver landscapers, we want to create a stunning green space around your home that improves your well-being and matches your lifestyle and budget.


Call 778.222.1701 to set up a discussion.

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