Project Feature: Oceanside Limestone Slab Patio with Trassbed Permeable Drainage System and Profideko

Striking ocean views framed by high quality craftsmanship and design.

Features: Detailed Craftsmanship, Solutions-Based Design, Hardscape installation, Romex Products West Vancouver BC

The Project

With the stunning backdrop of West Vancouver’s sweeping ocean views laid out in the background, this oceanside project was built to enhance the beautiful scenery beyond. In doing this, we dually set out to create a unique and tranquil space for the property’s owners to enjoy on a daily basis. The bespoke patio design is defined by its bold contemporary lines, dramatic material changes and vivid color contrasts.

We were approached by Logical Landscape to complete this project due to our unique expertise working with and applying Romex Canada products. These highly functional products are known for their ability to provide the conditions to create beautiful, long lasting and durable spaces. 

The patio, although it could effortlessly pass for a serene piece of modern art- also had to be extremely functional. With the clients intending to use a large portion of the space for a vegetable garden, the patio had to employ efforts for easy drainage.

Project Needs

  • Durable and cleanable surfacing given the high impact location

  • Drainage for the client’s vegetable garden

  • Ability to work with high end material and products for a polished end result

Key Products

  • Romex “Trass Bed” Permeable Drainage Bedding Mortar

  • Romex “Adhesion Elutriant” Paver Bridge Bond

  • Limestone slabs application

  • Romex Rompox “Easy Ecofine” Paver Jointing Mortar 

  • Rompox Profi Deko

  • Whiskey river pebbles


The Process

This patio was able to materialize with the help of an array of different Romex products and a bit of sweat from our eternally hardworking team.

In order to kick off the project- all former material had to be removed from the site. Following the removal of any and all debris, the team defined the area and added a layer of landscaping fabric. This is used in order to keep weeds minimized while still allowing water to permeate to the soil below.

Next, well compacted crushed rock and the Romex “Trass Bed” Permeable Drainage Bedding Mortar was installed- and this was the ideal application. Being right next to the water, it was inevitable that both dirt and water would be very present in this environment. The Trass Bed system ensures that water would be able to pass through to avoid puddles and buildup, while remaining durable to any future pressure washing that may be necessary in the space.

Beneath the Limestone slabs, Romex Adhesion Elutriant was used to ensure the adhesion between the Trass System and the limestone had an extra layer of protection to rely on for years to come. Once the stones were carefully placed, Rompox Easy Ecofine Jointing Mortar was used to finish off the job, providing a sleek and seamless look.

Finally- in order to give the project a pop of contrast, Whiskey River pebbles in the colour charcoal were used to fill a few adjoining spaces to the limestone. This textural and colour difference pushed the space into feeling like something truly unique and modern. Much like it’s use in our former project feature in Whistler, BC, the Rompox Profi Deko allowed us to maintain this natural texture while keeping the surface permanent and functional.

Once completed, both ourselves and the client were overjoyed to see the finished space. Complete with striking clean lines, gorgeous details and an even more gorgeous view, all the team dreamed of doing was pulling up a chair to enjoy the space!

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