Landscape Design Vancouver: Patio Installation with Irregular Basalt Pavers

Our project approach to landscape design in Vancouver combined high-quality detailing and functional modernism with plenty of West Coast character.

Features: Detailed Craftsmanship, Solutions-Based Design, Hardscape installation, Romex Products Whistler, BC

The Project: Patio Installation

As a new generation of landscapers in Vancouver, we’re on a mission to redefine how our city thinks about landscaping. There’s a beautiful asymmetry in nature. Through design grounded in detail, it’s possible to bring a refined nature to landscaping while maintaining a beautiful consistency with the surrounding landscape. For this project in Whistler, BC, our project was a patio installation to match a refined and sophisticated outdoor living space.

For the last five years, EcoBridge has proudly offered landscape design in Vancouver. However, this project saw us collaborating with renowned  Landscape Architect Jerry Vagelatos to bring his design featuring irregular basalt paver pavers to life in a patio installation that was nothing short of artful.

Our team of Vancouver landscapers made the road trip to Whistler. The client had an outdoor event scheduled for later that week, meaning deadlines were tight. Through rigorous scheduling, which included accounting for some rainy days, we were able to complete the project in a timely way while ensuring quality and durability.

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Project Needs

  • A permeable surface capable of handling Whistler’s annual precipitation – in both rain and snow

  • Seamless integration with the natural landscape

  • Project completed in a tight timeline

The Process

The patio installation process was similar to flagtone, save for a few components we included to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. 

Romex “Trass Bed” Permeable Drainage Bedding Mortar was installed beneath the large stones on both sides of the site to ensure proper drainage as well as providing extra support in high-weight areas. Additionally, slabs were laid in 9mm aggregate as protection from frost damage when the snow piles high in winter months. Once the system was laid, our Vancouver landscapers took the time to carefully configure the basalt pavers, culminating in a stunning example of patio installation in Vancouver.

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To finish off the space, the design opted for a Rompox Profi Deko solution rather than a traditional grout. This resin and hardener solution was mixed with gorgeous caramel coloured shades of river rock, creating a surfacing that had the organic look that was desired, but with more durable and long term stability. Unlike other hardeners, this also creates a permeable surface- keeping the space functional for any future spurts of week long spring rains. 

In order to set this high performance material- the team also had to ensure it remained above 10 degrees and free of any moisture in the coming days as it set- not an easy feat in Whistler’s early spring.

Products of this quality take time and attention to detail in order to finish them to their best aesthetics and functionality. The team worked long full days, consistently making sure each component of the project was held to the highest standard. This ensured the high end materials were treated and installed with respect, and the long term satisfaction of the client was prioritized.

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Following the completion of this landscape design project, the design materialized as a warm and refined outdoor space that felt like a natural progression of the surrounding wilderness. We could not be more proud of our team for persevering through the weather to deliver a project of unsurpassed beauty and quality.

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