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As an award-winning team of Vancouver landscapers, EcoBridge takes great pride in designing and constructing outdoor and green spaces that add to the beauty and functionality of your home.


Our approach to Vancouver landscaping for residences is based on a goal of creating a meaningful impact for the people who live there. We look at every project fresh, with a hands-on approach and determination to bring innovation, quality, and sustainability to landscape design. Whether a green space is vast or compact, Vancouver’s mild climate means the potential for outdoor living is vast: fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, gardens, water features, pergolas, retaining walls, pathways, or wood fencing—our full-service team creates timeless results while delivering seamless customer experience.


Patio & Paver Installation


We believe that landscaping can transform homes. As full-service Vancouver landscape designers and builders, we are given the incredible opportunity to flesh out and bring ideas to life. For patio installation and walkways, we harness years of experience to develop solutions to beautify and maximize space use. Whether constructing a fence or laying a walkway, we lend persistent care and attention to detail, including following best practices for materials and construction while managing challenges like surface grade deviations and drainage to deliver long-lasting results. The finished work may seem effortless, but it’s the culmination of experience, craftsmanship, and customer service, all of which have earned us recognition as one of the best landscapers in Vancouver. We carefully plan before starting construction, working with your ideas and feedback early on to optimize the design before construction starts.


As Vancouver Landscapers, We Design Around Your Home & Life


At EcoBridge Landscape in Vancouver, we look at landscaping as a part of a balanced, integrated system—a part of your home. To create beautiful, sustainable landscaping, we carefully consider materials and approaches, coming up with ways to use resources efficiently to create outdoor spaces that are more budget-friendly and planet-friendly. 


Schedule a Consultation


Start planning now to build in spring. Schedule a consultation with EcoBridge Landscape in Vancouver at 778.222.1701 or visit our website for more information.

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